The Zicari family originates from a branch of the Sicilian family Porzio who owned these lands, within “Pozzo di Gotto” feud. Zicari surname was ascribed to the nobility from Messina and Palermo in the middle of the XVIII century. The family possessed the Baronies of Fiumefreddo, Lungarini, Limine and the feud of Pozzo di Gotto. The coat of arms is composed by: ”a golden band between two lilies, on a red shield”. By the end of the XVIII century the main family moved to Apulia. Of the same period is the farm called “Canonico”, a rural complex of valuable buildings, property of Tenuta Zicari, located in Massafra, close to the city of Taranto. The farm was named “Canonico” because of the permanence of several priests and in particular Antonio Zicari, first deacon and then priest, deputy and rector of the chapel.

At the beginning of the XX century, after several vicissitudes, the family entered again into possession of the “Canonico” farm thanks to Raffaele Zicari, Lady Ines’ father, she is the actual owner. The mentioned farm with other properties in the lands of Cimino, Faggiano and Lucignano, all within Taranto District, constitute the Tenuta Zicari, where selected grapes grow. For generations the family have managed their vineyards. The Tenuta Zicari was handed down from father to son and now it represents a reason of life. As Don Raffaele Zicari adopted new experimental approaches inspired by his own intuition and inquisitiveness, so today the current generation continues with a pioneer spirit in the estate management. Lady Ines Zicari and her daughter Anna Maria’s love for vineyards has given life to their wines. The respect for ancient traditions along with the most recent cultivation techniques and the particular care in grape selection, both on the field and in the cellar, allow the Zicari wines to embody smells and flavours of the original lands. This is Tenuta Zicari story, written simply for love for sun, earth and wine.