Red of Apulia I.G.T. Gr. 14,0° Vol.
Grape variety: PRIMITIVO 50% - MERLOT 50%
Production area: Solicato - Faggiano - Taranto
Training system: Espalier with cordon spur system
Plants density/hectare: from 3.000 to 4.000
Soil: medium clayey mixture
Yield per Ha: from 8.000 to 10.000 Kg.
Vinification: Grapes, pressed and destemmed, are positioned in the maceration vats at a temperature of 24-27°C for the alcoholic fermentation. The maceration goes on for a total period of 12-15 days alternating the pumping over, punching-down and the delestage (rack and return) At the wine rack moment the wine is put into stainless steel vats with a controlled temperature (17-19°C) where there will be the malo-lactic fermentation.
Harvest: completely by hand between September and October
Serve at 16°-18° C


  • Colour: Ruby Red compact and vivid.
  • Bouquet: Fine and intense with a hint of prune, sour black cherry, blackberry and wild berries.
  • Taste: Dry with balanced tannins with emery-fine contours. Well balanced among a rich flavour, a good structure and tenacity. A pleasant after-aroma recalls the bouquet.

The name of this wine comes from the land of Tenuta Zicari where the grapes grow, named Solicato. A legend says that a wandering knight in the month of November, fell down from his horse, he lost consciousness and spent the whole night on the ground covered only by the grape leaves. The day after he was found and saved by a woman of the neighbour village. The place was called "soli-cadde" that means "fallen alone" and it became, through the years, "Solicato".