The lands of Tenuta Zicari live in a mild climate, typical of Mediterranean areas, characteristic of our costal plain. Our lands offer warmth and hospitality, the same of our people’s, and the sunlight gives happiness and love for life. The light is reflected to our typical dry-stone walls, on the whitewash of our fortified farm walls and on the deep blue of our sea, a wonderful sea full of life and full of unforgettable images. On our soil no miracles happen, we have to cultivate it day after day, we have to work, to hope and to wait, without to expect its fruits. The soil needs to be cultivated following the best method and above all respecting the soil itself; only in this way we can have the best result from our production, and we can deservedly delight in our fruits. The lands of Tenutat Zicari spread themselves within the area of Taranto, Cimino, Faggiano and Massafra. Each wine comes from a different vineyard. We produce our wines respecting the ancient traditions, but with the necessary technical ability to produce vine of excellent value. Wine lovers, in the last few years, are more and more interested in the relationship soil-vine for the emotional and gustative peculiarity that the vine receives from the soil. This new interest stimulates Tenuta Zicari to find new connections among the climate, the vine and the history of this land, only in this way we can identify and protect our final product with a clear system of reglementation like the D.O.C. (controlled designation of origin). Moreover, continuous studies on the territory compared with historical news have pointed out the analytical and sensory peculiarities that this climate gives to our wines.

The grapes cultivated in Tenuta Zicari transfer to the wine great characteristic sensations, which give, together with the natural inclination of our territory for the viticulture, the local traditions and the importance of agriculture a social and an anthropic importance. In this area, in fact, agriculture has always been the most important means of subsistence.

La terra è solo nostra
Il colore delle foglie
gli ulivi ritorti,
che gridano all'aria
il loro dolore
scagliando nel cielo
milioni di storie,
che sono familiari

La terra è solo nostra
E' se mai arrivassi
troppo tardi, penso,
mentre preparo un solco
preciso e profondo
o poto gli ulivi
Come se già fosse arrivata
La promessa attesa
Cosa farei per lei, dopo

Ho ritrovato la terra
come fosse un’amante
Una terra crudele,
dov'è impossibile resisterle,
pensando al futuro.
La terra è solo nostra